Purchasing Bizer’s charts of Winnipesaukee


In addition to marinas, many book stores and gift shops sell Bizer’s chart.  Our web page has a current list of vendors.  If you wish to purchase from Bizer directly, we offer the following





*** I do accept VENMO electronic payments.  My daughter, Sarah Brodie, has a VENMO account.  If you use VENMO, send to


SBLittleStar  (That’s “SB Little Star” without the spaces)

If they ask for the last four digits of her phone number:  0228 (zero-two-two-eight)


Thence, send an email to venmo@bizer.com that you have sent the money via VENMO.  Include with your email



Without VENMO:


Because 95% of Bizer's business is wholesale to marinas, I'm a little behind the times when it comes to online purchases.  I do accept orders with a check.  Send to


20 Sherburn Circle

Weston, MA 02493. 


I trust your honesty, but not your memory.


After you put the check in the mailbox, send an email to maps@bizer.com.  Be sure to include your name, email, phone, and mailing address in the email unless you have already given it to me.  Do not send a photo of the check as some people have done.  Please do not email me until the check is physically in your mailbox (or in your mail room if mailed from your office).  I trust your honesty, but not your memory.  Too many people have said, "Oh, it's sitting on my desk.  I forgot to mail it."  I will process your order after you assure me that the check is actually in your mailbox.  I normally ship on Tuesdays so that the map arrives by Friday.


N.B.   If you order a folded waterproof map or an electronic version of Bizer’s Winnipesaukee chart, it will be sent within two business days.  Other orders require a trip to the Post Office.  Normal Post Office visits are on Tuesdays so that you will receive your chart by Friday.



Stewart Woodworth

Bizer Corporation

20 Sherburn Circle

Weston, MA 02493

617 413 3940 (cell)