Bizer's list of Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Accessible by Boat on Lake Winnipesaukee

Updated 04 June 2014

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So it's summertime and you're hungry.  What's a family to do?  You could prepare food at home, but wouldn't it be more fun to go by boat Well, Sparky, this is your day. BIZER can tell you where to go, and we'll give you a choice of two lists: First we have a list of restaurants that are accessible by boat.  However, if you prefer to buy groceries for that picnic on the lake, then go to the bottom of this page as we have a list of places to buy groceries as well.  All places on this page have either private docking for customers' boats or they are located within walking distance of public docks.  Be advised that some docking (both private and public) may be limited, especially on weekends in July and August.

Places to eat by boat 

Listed Clockwise around the Lake Starting in Wolfeboro

Restaurants accessible from Wolfeboro public docks (See map below) (See grid C-15 on Bizer's map):

Map of downtown Wolfeboro

Restaurants accessible in Alton (see map below) (grid I-19 on Bizer's map):

Restaurants accessible in Gilford:

Restaurants accessible in Laconia (Grid K-5 on Bizer's map unless specified otherwise)

Map of Weirs Beach

Restaurants near the Weirs Public Docks; 0.5 miles southwest of light #1 (see map above)

Restaurants accessible from Meredith public docks (See map below) (Grid J-01 on Bizer's map)

Map of downtown Meredith

Restaurants accessible from Center Harbor public docks (See map below) (grid F-00) on Bizer's map.

Map of downtown Center Harbor

Food accessible in Tuftonboro


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Bizer's list of Grocery Stores, Markets, and Convenience Stores

On Lake Winnipesaukee

Rather than dine out, you've decided to eat at sea.  Maybe you want the full variety of a supermarket.  Maybe you're boating along and you just have a hankering for a Pepsi and some potato chips. Well, BIZER has been all over this lake and we'll help you locate those groceries.  Well, this list provides all types of groceries from full service supermarkets to teeny-tiny convenience stores.  If you want a list of restaurants, go to the top of this page.  This list is clockwise around Lake Winnipesaukee, starting in Tuftonboro.  The map grid on Bizer's chart is also given.  NOTE: On weekends in the summer, there may be a wait for parking at public docks.

Grocery Stores in TUFTONBORO:

Grocery Stores in WOLFEBORO:Map of downtown Wolfeboro

Grocery/Convenience Stores in ALTON:

Map of downtown Alton Bay

Convenience Stores in GILFORD:

Grocery/Convenience Stores in Laconia:

Map of Weirs Beach area

Grocery/Convenience Stores in Meredith:

Grocery Stores in Center Harbor (see map below):

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